photoshoot for a female model
bride and groom

I’m a firm believer in the philosophy of “life-long learning”


If you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open then you can’t help but learn new things and possibly more importantly, re-awaken the things that are there that you’ve just forgotten about….

I found that as I was developing my own style of photography as well as my business skills in this industry, people were slowly asking me more and more questions about all manner of things.

Ranging from shooting techniques, post processing tools, hints and tips, marketing etc… So I started to put some training course material together and came up with a plan to offer a 1-1 coaching session for beginners through to seasoned professionals….

I take it as a huge compliment when someone contacts me to arrange a session, guess it means that they like what I do. Whilst each session is fairly bespoke for each client, I have a basic approach that feeds into the whole session.

My aim is to pass on my approach to the business of photography and hopefully have them leave with a few little nuggets of knowledge that they can use to take their photography and business forward….and there is nothing more gratifying than see people take on your ideas…

For me learning should be simple, fun, informative and should go both ways.


A typical session

Set the scene for the day, to cover:

  • Vision, branding, philosophy – their overall photography objectives and reason for doing what they do.
  • Planning for a shoot
  • Shoot to sell approach
  • Working around the camera
  • Choosing locations
  • Understanding light
  • Working with a model
  • Shooting with a model
  • Workflow
  • Processing/Editing