scotland’s barbers….part 1


Following on from my last post “100 Beards across the Scotland”… the 100 beards that I photographed had all visited the barber shops that I worked on for this project.

Since starting to work on various projects for Beardbrand, it became clear to me from meeting all the bearded guys across Europe and the US, that not only is the way the guys beards look hugely important, but their overall image can be just as equally important, nothing more so than their hair!!!!

There has been a huge rise in popularity of the return to the traditional style of barbering, using clippers, scissors, old style haircuts, high fades, use of pomade etc (sorry guys I’m not a barber so my knowledge is way limited 🙂 )

I contacted a number of barbers across Scotland and they so kindly invited me along to not only meet and shoot with their clients, but to try an capture the essence of their shops, the mood and ambiance they were trying to create, the styles they were developing, hate the phrase but….the whole customer experience.

The one thing that shone above all else was the passion these men and women have for cutting hair, some of the conversations I had were just intense. Watching them work, seeing their skills and creativity in action was just a joy.

I want to thank each and every one of you for putting up with me and letting me get a tiny insight into your world….it was an absolute pleasure.

I’m splitting the blogs into 2 parts as there are so many images I wanted to use. In this first one, the featured barbers are – Badlands Barbers in Perth. Benjamin Barker Barbers in Dundee, Monifieth and Perth. Brother Barbers in Glasgow and Ruffians in Edinburgh.

Badlands Barbers in Perth

Benjamin Barker in Dundee

Benjamin Barker in Monifieth

Benjamin Barker in Perth

Brother Barbers in Glasgow

Ruffians in Edinburgh

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