meredith at dumfries house


I met Meredith a couple of months ago at a wedding show at Enterkine House Hotel. Fortunately, along with Opus Couture, we were in the same location in the main house, needless to say that we got chatting.

Meredith is a native of Houston, Texas. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Harp Performance from Loyola University, New Orleans and in 2009 she moved to Scotland to begin her postgraduate studies at St. Andrews University in Fife. She’s and instructor and plays at weddings and events……oh and she plays the harp most beautifully 🙂

During the quieter times on the day she asked me to come up with a couple of tunes for her to play, so after Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” and Zep’s “Stairway to Heaven”, I was hooked….then tested her a bit and asking her to play Paul Buchanan’s beautiful “In Mid Air”…and she did. Needless to say after we agreed to do a shoot together…

Being the Harpist at the beautiful Dumfries House in Ayrshire, she hoped that we might be allowed to do the shoot there. I’m ashamed to say that for all that I live only 20 minutes away, I’d never been to see the place, it is truly stunning….the most beautiful location and the inside of it was quite incredible.

We were given access to 3 different areas to work in, on the understanding that “we didn’t touch the furniture”..when I found out how much some of it was valued at, I kinda understood why.

The beautiful gowns that Meredith wore (except the black one) were provided by Opus Couture and to finish the shoot off, Sharon appeared with one of her exclusive, designer wedding gowns.

With the combination of the Meredith’s beautiful music, the location and the gowns, it made for a stunning shoot.

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  1. Thomas Arnold Reply

    26th May 2015 at 10:40 pm

    Well done, Tom. Beautiful pictures. I hope that Meredith was on her best behavior.

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