amy & jordan


Amy & Jordan got married at The Carlton Hotel in Prestwick in mid October and what a brilliant day it was….

Jordan and his crew headed down to the beach so that we could get some shots….brave guys that they were, with a slight chill in the air and them wearing kilts 🙂 Amy had the sense to stay in the warmth of the hotel to get ready. Along with her bridesmaids, flower girl and both mums, they looked amazing.

The ceremony conducted by George McLean was full of love and humour, certainly kept everyone entertained.

After the ceremony and some photography, the star of the show made an appearance, their dog Ralph (Wreck it). It’s always good to be reminded why I don’t photograph animals, took more shots in the 10 mins with him that the whole wedding 🙂

As always, the staff at The Carlton did an amazing job making everything run smoothly, to the extent that they somehow managed to hide the enormous sword that Amy had got for Jordan….and that they used to cut the cake !!!

Party was getting into full swing when it was time for me to leave…..A great day spent with this fab young couple. Thanks for letting me share the day with you.